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Create a Beautiful Low-Maintenance Pollinator Garden

Get an In-Garden Consultation

 And Achieve Results Quickly and Smoothly

 will come to your garden and advise and guide you on the types of native pollinator plants best suited to your particular conditions and your dreams.

How It Works:

  • The consultation benefits experienced gardeners new to native plant gardening and people with no gardening experience.

  • I will take the time to find out about your goals and preferences.

  • We will examine your garden for areas suitable for a pollinator patch or additional native plants. 

  • I will point out invasive plants that must be removed according to Toronto's weed bylaw and can advise you about other weeds. We will talk about the best methods to eliminate them.

  • I will suggest suitable native plants that will work in your place and look stunning together and bring pictures of the recommended plants so that you can immediately visualize how your garden will look.

  • I will propose plants for continuous bloom from May to October.

  • We will work on a preferred design.

  • I will inform you where you can look for the chosen plants. 

  • We will explore feasible methods for converting different areas according to their conditions. 

After the visit, you will receive the following:

  • A list of the suggested plants.

  • Sources where you can look for those plants.

  • A resource list with all the essentials for getting started and making your pollinator garden a success.

  • A simple master plan where you can plant your plants.

Additional possible Services:

  • A detailed design plan to scale.

  • Sourcing and delivery of native plants.

  • Installation of plants.

  • Garden maintenance advice.

  • Training an existing maintenance person on pollinator-friendly maintenance practices.

Other available Services:

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.29_edited.jpg

Have you ever wondered which microorganisms are working in your compost or soil? Get some pictures of them and learn about their functions.


Informative · Inspiring ·  Provocative 

In Person or on Zoom.

For Garden Clubs, Community Groups, Schools, Events, or Companies.


It's fun, low cost and abundant to grow your garden from seed. Receive seeds and learn to grow native plants successfully to fill your garden.

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