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Past Events

Watch the replay of this webinar hosted by the David Suzuki Foundation

Wildlife-Friendly Garden Care

close-up Fall Garden Care.png


  • Cliffcrest Butterflyway

  • Scarborough Environmental Alliance

  • Toronto Nature Stewards

  • Condominium Garden Clubs


  • a 40-minute presentation about the ecological value of growing plants from seed

  • detailed practical instructions 

  • seeds of many species of native plants

  • hands-on practice

Every talk and event was tailored to a specific audience. 

Contact me to find out how I can bring a workshop to your group or sign up for a workshop I host.

2022/23 Seed Workshops


Save Time and Money
Get Advice

Book a fun Garden Consultation, an eye-opening Biological Soil Examination, an Inspirational Presentation, or a Seed Growing Workshop.

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