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Grow Your  Garden From Seed

It is surprisingly easy and successful to grow beautiful native plants from seed. Learn all the little tricks to get abundant plants to create a pollinator garden at practically no cost.

All the plants in this photo are grown with my own seeds.

My biggest passion is to grow native plants from seed, including prairie plants, grasses, shrubs and trees. It is magical to see a seed, often as small as a dust speck, grow into a beautiful flowering plant within a few months. Nature is abundant. From hundreds of seeds nature disperses, one lucky seed might land in a perfect location under perfect conditions, be overlooked by hungry creatures and grow into a healthy plant. I teach you methods to get high seed germination rates and tricks to care for the seedlings to become healthy plants. 

Growing plants from seed is also critical conservation work. Every plant that is grown from seed is an individual with a unique genetic makeup. Almost all ornamental plants offered in nurseries and garden centres are clones or produced from cell tissue. That means plants of one species are all genetically identical. Biodiversity is not only significant on the species level but also on the level of genetic diversity within one species. Greater biodiversity makes ecosystems more resilient. In our turbulent time of climate change, we need the greatest possible genetic diversity in plants so they can adapt to change. Since native plants became more popular, the big nursery machinery has started to produce native plants in mass through cloning. They chose plants that cater to our human preference in aesthetics and growth habits but do not consider the needs of bees and butterflies - because they are often even unknown to science. We are just starting to discover the complexity of nature's fascinating relations.

Additionally, the nursery network distributes plants way beyond their ideal geographic range. But we can grow native plants from locally sourced seeds, which will be better adapted to our ecoregion. So let's get started.

How It Works:

  • You will learn the ins and outs and tricks of growing native plants from seed so that you can do this every year.

  • You can choose 5 - 15 species for free from a variety of seeds that you like to grow. 

  • If you are unsure which plants will thrive in your garden conditions and look stunning together, you can check out our in-Garden Consultation and take advantage of the special pricing for our 'Seed and Garden Consultation' - Bundle.

  • Native plants can be started from November to May. You will learn which method to use at different start times so that you can select the correct method for your schedule, needs and convenience.

  • I advise you on the best ways to protect your seeds and seedlings.

  • And guide you through the entire growing process for optimal seedling growth.

Book a Seed Workshop and Get Seeds

Seed workshops will be held indoors throughout winter and will be limited to 8 attendees. Depending on the participants ' needs, they will run between 1 and 2 hours. I will provide all the materials to sow five samples to take home, including pots, soil, seeds and protective netting. Participants will be advised on what other seeds they might want to grow and can receive seeds from up to 15 different native plant species, including grasses, sedges, roses, trees and shrubs to grow at home.


Seed Workshops

Ongoing throughout Winter 2023/24

Learn how to grow your garden from seed and receive seeds for up to 15 species of native plants.


Courses started in November.

$45.- per person.

Book your workshop.

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Seed Workshop + Garden 


Winter Special!

Come alone or with a partner to plan a garden makeover. If you like, get the seeds for the plants you need for your new garden and learn how to grow, care for and plant them. Learn how to prepare the planting area and get set up with the right connections to achieve your goals .



Group Workshop

Ideal for Buildings and Garden Clubs

I will come to your location.

You invite the participants.

We can customize the content according to your interest.

Starting at $150.-


Other available Services:


Fast-track your success in creating a pollinator garden and save money by getting help determining suitable areas, selecting plants and finding them. 

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Have you ever wondered which microorganisms are working in your compost or your soil? Get some pictures of them and learn about their functions.


By Dorte Windmuller

Informative · Current ·  Provocative 

In Person or on Zoom.

For Garden Clubs, Community Groups, Schools, Events, or Companies.

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