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Custom Designed Workshops throughout Winter

I host small workshops and consultations throughout the winter for 1 - 4 people. The meeting room has a kitchen and a monitor, so we can work and learn conveniently with a cappuccino, cup of tea, or coffee. Click "Buy Tickets" for more information.

Custom Designed Workshops throughout Winter
Custom Designed Workshops throughout Winter

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

The event will cater specifically to your interests.

Location: St. Clair East & Kingston Road

The winter is shot ;-). Take advantage and contact me to find out more or arrange a topic of interest and a suitable day and time.

Here are some fields of my expertise that we can work on together:

  • Plan a pollinator garden and sow the needed plants.
  • Discuss how to start and make a step-by-step plan to create a beautiful pollinator garden by next summer.
  • Learn how to grow a pollinator garden from seed.
  • Explore the concept of hostplants for butterflies and pollen specialist bees and the takeaway for our gardens.
  • Discover the importance of living soil and soft landings.
  • Learn about beneficial garden maintenance practices for insects, soil, birds and all wildlife.
  • Find out how native plants increase vegetable yields and how to implement them in a vegetable garden.
  • Grow native plants specifically for container gardening on a balcony or terrasse.


  • Custom designed Workshops

    For more information on these custom designed workshops scroll up.




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