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Book a Seed Workshop

  • Hands-on

  • Choose up to 15 species of seeds

  • Learn how to get an exceptional germination rate

  • Learn the tricks on how to best care for your seedlings

  • Get advice on when to plant them in your garden.

Learn How to Grow Your Garden From Seed

It is very easy and satisfying to grow your garden from seed. You don't need grow lights or anything fancy. Some soil, containers, protection, water and a part sun location are all you need. 

Come to a hands-on workshop where you will learn from many years of my experience and will get started with lots of seeds and some materials.

Sprout, swamp milkweed sprouting, growing plants from seed, native plants

Grow Your Garden From Seed



PawPaw Tree 

Get Pawpaws this Fall to Support Green Thumbs School Programs


The mission of Green Thumbs Growing Kids is to cultivate environmental stewardship through hands-on garden and food education for urban children and their communities. Green Thumbs grows food in elementary school gardens, a rooftop mini-farm, a local community garden plot, and City of Toronto greenhouses to contribute fresh food to school lunch programs and farmers' markets. Since 2017, thanks to support from the Urban Forestry Division of the City of Toronto, students have grown trees from seed, like these pawpaw trees. Check out the excellent work at 

  • All proceeds go to the Youth Program of Green Thumbs

  • Pawpaws are between 12 and 18 inches tall and should be planted in a part shade area with moist soil this fall.

  • Fall is the best time to plant trees.

  • For long-term tree health, it is ideal to plant trees as small as possible so they can grow a healthy, undisturbed root system.

  • Trees need to be planted in Toronto.

Tree Pick up: October, 21st 2023, 10 am to 1 pm,

3595 St. Clair Avenue East,

Community Farm of the Scarborough Food Security Initiative.

You can buy the pawpaws in the Upcoming Events Section right below by clicking Buy Tickets on Pawpaw Fundraiser.


PawPaw Trees (Asimina triloba)

Help to bring these unique and rare trees back  

Save Time and Money
Get Advice

Book a fun Garden Consultation, an eye-opening Biological Soil Examination, an Inspirational Presentation, or a Seed Growing Workshop.

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